Instructions are on page 3 of the yearbook.

Having trouble seeing our Yearbook Magic Videos?  Here are some common solutions:

You must click on “follow” after searching for “SDS Yearbook Public Auras” or you will not be able to see the videos.

You must click the blue activation symbol

to activate the “jumping dots” that will react

to our Yearbook Magic Symbol that appears 32 times in our book.

Don’t hold your phone/device too close to the symbol; the jumping dots need to see part of the images around the symbol to determine which video to play.

Once the jumping dots recognize the photo, they will change into a circle and then transform into a video.

Once a video plays, tap your screen twice to get back to the jumping dots to activate the next video.

Still not working?  Try closing the app and reopening it.

Wondering where all 32 Yearbook Magic Symbols are?  Here’s the list:
Page 3, Yearbook Magic Page: lower left
Page 3, Yearbook Magic Page: lower right
Page 11, Preschool Collage: lower center
Page 13, Kinder Collage: upper right
Page 15, First Grade Collage: lower right
Page 17, Second Grade Collage: top left corner
Page 19, Third Grade Collage: lower right corner
Page 21, Fourth Grade Collage: lower right corner
Page 23, Fifth Grade Collage: center left
Page 25, Sixth Grade Collage: upper right corner
Page 27, Seventh Grade Collage: center right edge
Page 35, Eighth Grade Collage: lower center
Page 36, New Students Photo: lower right edge
Page 38, Drama Page: center left
Page 52, Girls Basketball Page: lower left corner
Page 53, Girls Basketball Page: lower left corner
Page 54, Extension: upper right
Page 54, Extension: lower right
Page 55, Extension: upper/center left
Page 55, Extension: lower right
Page 59, Yearbook Staff Page: center right
Page 64, Mother-Son Dance: center
Page 65, Talent Show: upper right
Page 65, Spelling Bee: lower left
Page 67, Yearbook Magic Graphic: center right
Page 72, Triangle Collage: center
Page 73, Triangle Collage: lower right
Page 77, Déjà Vu Festival: lower left
Page 78, Walk of Fame: upper center
Page 79, Walk of Fame: upper right edge
Page 79, Walk of Fame: center right
Page 80, Eighth Grade Group Photo: center left

BONUS VIDEOS:  We have additional hidden videos!  Even though there are no "yearbook

                               magic" symbols in these areas, they will come alive, too!

                               Page 1, Students with Violins

                               Page 42, just above the Catholic Schools Week graphic in the center

​                               Page 51, the Boys Basketball Collage Page center (video is missing)

                               Page 65, Talent Show page, music notes under the backstage pass

Still having trouble?  Send us a question on our “Contact Us” page.

Did you know our 2017-18 yearbook has 36 embedded videos? 

Unfortunately, the app we used in 2018 is being phased out and our videos will stop working in the near future.  So we have embedded all of our 2017-18 videos into the list below (scroll down for individual videos) so you can still watch them even after the app is discontinued.